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We design and build cold rooms to suit your requirements. Good quality components are used in every aspect of the build for optimum performance and maximum lifecycle. Our highly experienced installers will make the build process seamless and fault free. A 3 year warranty is provided by us that will ensure your business runs smoothly.

The refrigeration system we utilize for our cold rooms are made with high quality components. We use ISO certified, international quality heat exchangers with the latest design and heat transfer technology. Our refrigeration system gives highly respectable performance that delivers a longer lifecycle while maintaining its cost effectiveness.

Medium Profie

Low Profile

High Profile

Parellel Rack System

We regularly carry out cold room refurbishments for clients with existing facilities. Repairing and improving existing systems are all part of our service. No job is too big or small; we even refurbish commercial fridges, freezers and ice machines for our clients.

Before Cold Room Refurbishment

After Cold Room Refurbishment



Chemical Wash

Exchange Door Gasket

Exchange Door Safety Latch

Our technicians have more than 30 years of experience in the cold room industry and we keep them up to date with current techniques and technology. We leave nothing to chance; technical competency is a requirement for LG Refrigeration.

Solvents Cleaning to Remove The Filthy Oil inside The Copper Pipe for The Compressor to Unit Cooler.

Solvents Cleaning


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